Find something unique to take with you from El Vado.

An Ayurvedic Spa and Clinic, Arogya is dedicated to Serving Wellness.

Our Spa Services soothe and awaken the body, mind and senses. Utilizing herbal-infused oils prepared in house, our unique Body Therapies and Seasonal Treatments melt away stress and tension while opening, tonifying and harmonizing the body with the landscape of our High Desert Environment.

Our Ayurvedic Clinical offerings span the range of addressing common complaints such as indigestion, inflammation and fatigue to assisting in the management of deep seated, chronic disorders. Employing thorough questioning as well as physical assessments, our Practitioners strive to find the root of all imbalances and to facilitate your realization of harmony within the psycho-physical cosmos of your life through Dietary and Lifestyle Guidelines, Herbal Recommendations and a wide range of traditional Ayurvedic Therapies.

Join us to explore the timeless wisdom of health and relationship that reveals the threads which weave together the movement of the stars, the seasons and the breath.

MERC 66 is an outlet for the global tourist, travelling Route 66 to purchase locally made, conscious, functional and quality oriented gift art items at a reasonable price. We WANT YOU to enjoy the experience! 

Authentic Jewelry that brings out luxury that is on the inside of you! YOU are worthy, YOU are valuable, YOU are loved!

Metal The Brand is the personal art of Albuquerque artist Michael O. Wieclaw and friends. The ride started young with Saturday morning cartoons and crayola products. Since the young times, it’s been high octane adventure touring the US and Canada as a merchandise manager on the Vans Warped Tour, for the Coachella Valley Music Festival and with a series of bands.

Your local supply of indoor and patio potted cacti and succulents, palms, and bougainvillea, folk art, local honey and beeswax.


The Valley Store is a collaborative effort of The South Valley Economic Development Center, Agricultura Network and Rosaries by Ma to promote new Albuquerque local entrepreneurs from the SVEDC’s Business Incubation Services.